Preliminary Programme

Preliminary pogramme of the “11th Berlin Conference on Life Sciences – Novel Antimicrobials and AMR Diagnostics”

Opening Session
8:45 Introduction
Welcome address by Fraunhofer Society
Setting the scene by a representative of the BEAM Alliance
Plenary Session
9:10 Keynote: Overview of current development in the AMR field
Antibiotic development: European strategy and pipeline
Closing the gap - strategies of big pharma to bring therapies to the market
AMR diagnostics: How to develop successful business cases?
10:30 Coffee break with posters & exhibition
Session 1
Market access in the era of AMR - from idea to product
Session 2
From basic research to market - recent academic anti-infective and diagnostics innovations
11:00 Introduction: Intellectual property as a basis for successful business cases 11:00 Introduction: The value of academic research in AMR innovations 
Handling innovative approaches from clinic to market & clinical trial design with perspectives from a regulatory agency, a CRO and a SME

Five examples of antibiotic discovery and diagnostic development

Topics will include:
Microbial active compounds and novel resources

Personalised medicine in infectious diseases and state-of-the-art diagnostics

Sustainable economic models to revitalise antibiotic development
The diagnostic perspective
Panel discussion
Challenges behind ideas and innovation: How to bring a candidate to the market?
12:40 Lunch break with posters & exhibition
Session 3
Technology highlights and challenges - novel antibiotics
Session 4
Technology highlights and challenges – diagnostics
13:30 Introduction: The value of SMEs in AMR innovations 13:30 Introduction

Insights into the development of anti-infective therapies in AMR dedicated SMEs in Europe: Highlights from members of the BEAM Alliance Diversity of technologies - blessing or course?
Perspective of an international corporation
Perspective of an European listed company
Case studies of successful diagnostic developments in European SMEs
Panel discussion
The need for diversity to tackle AMR

Panel discussion
Regulation – a barrier for the introduction of new AMR diagnostics?
15:00 Coffee break with posters & exhibition
Closing session
Financing and funding opportunities for SMEs and start-ups in the AMR field
15:30 Introduction to the topic
Interactive market place of funding/financing mechanisms worldwide
Investor talk: Which business models are worth to invest?
Start-up pitch with five presenting companies
Outlook: Happily, ever after? The future of antibiotic development
Wrap up & start-up ceremony
17:30 Networking & reception